South Class

“It’s my size!” It’s the common exclamation from every child first entering the South class as they amaze at the pint-sized sinks and toilets, bookshelves, tables and chairs. The South class is where children not-yet or just-turned three feel like they not only belong, but are capable of doing things for themselves and learn to help others; they learn to express themselves and listen to their friends. This is their world, the teachers are their guides, and the world turns at the pace they want it to. It’s a place where you’ll find teachers on the floor interacting with the children at their level, where children find comfort in a teacher’s lap, and where stories are read cuddled together on floor pillows. It’s a place where patience is boundless and where time has a chance to breathe. The South class is where a child enters as a caterpillar, and emerges as a butterfly.