East Class

Mistakes are celebrated in the East Room as much as the wall of windows that fill it with natural light; they are both seen as opportunities for learning, growth and developing a more solid understanding of what connects us while exploring those things that also make us unique. While the windows lend a welcome connection to the outdoors and a natural rhythm to the day, the openness to using experiences in everyday life to learn helps ready the children over the course of the year to move on to a variety of Kindergarten environments. As a result, the curriculum is created through a dynamic and interactive process that involves teachers and children and, by extension, the children’s families. This involvement in the process helps the children learn to relate learning to tasks in their everyday lives; in essence, the children are learning how to learn not through rote, but by integration into their own lives and experiences. What’s more: the children of the East class move on at the end of the year –wherever they may go – with a sense of self, an appreciation for others, and a love of learning.